Koroni - Diros Caves

  • At 08:30, the Albatros II  departs from the harbor of Koroni, towards for the Caves of Diros.
  • We visit the caves for 1 hour and then you enjoy a swim in the sea and a barbecue meal as well.
  • We return at 16.30 at the port of Koroni.


  1. In the area there are two caves, Vlichada and Alepotrypa. The existence of the cave of Vlichada has been known to the locals since around 1900. But no one suspected the miracle it hid in its interior until 1949, when the founders of the Hellenic Cave Society, John and Anna Petrochellos, began to explore it systematically.

  2. Until 1960, 1,600 meters were excavated and mapped. Since 1987, the Palaeoanthropology and Speleology Ephorate of the Ministry of Culture started the detailed study of the Cave and in collaboration with an international team of cavemen, it continued its exploration and mapping. To date, they have mapped 14,700 meters of routes. Most of the Cave is below the surface of the water.

  3. The cave began to form hundreds of thousands of years ago. The stalactites and stalagmites presently below the water were formed when the surface of the sea was far below its current level. There have been stalactites at a depth of 71 meters. The maximum depth of the Cave is located outside the tourist route and reaches 80 meters.