Private & V.I.P. Cruises

Enjoy your private voyage and your personal moments with the Albatros II of Kapouleas Cruises.

The private & V.I.P. -  cruises with the Albatros II are authentic, relaxed holidays, where the boat takes you, without the haste of a strictly planned route. However, like a cruise, you will enjoy the service of our crew and the ultimate in comfort all the time you are on the boat.

The food & drink – is important on board.

The chef will spoil you with delicious local flavors (breakfast buffet, lunch, and dinner), and the bartender will always be willing to serve you with a variety of drinks and wines, as well as cocktails.

Service and comfort - just feel comfortable.

Enjoy personalized service and comfort. The crew will be happy to assist you with your queries regarding the cruise, shore excursions and water sports. The Albatros II, has 4 double cabins where it can accommodate comfortably up to 8 people, while each cabin has its own bathroom.