Albatros II

ALBATROS II belongs to the category of Gulliet ships. It is a shipwreck of Greek shipbuilding from Kavala. It is 75 ft and has 5 cabins with double beds, private w.c., 1 cabin with 4 single beds and its own bathroom. It also has 4 w.c for sharing.

It is manned with 2 engines of 360 hp MAN diesel and all the necessary safety measures for the guests and its crew.

It has, in addition to the outdoor areas, a living room with TV and three dining rooms so that, if you wish, you can enjoy your coffee or soft drink.

Albatros II performs daily day cruises from the pier of Kalamata to Koroni – Stoupa – Kardamili – Diros Cave with intermediate stops to enjoy your swim in beaches that you can only go on board and of course to prepare a wonderful bbq to satisfy your palate. Of course we can organize any kind of event for you!

Facilities - Activities Albatros II


Οι 4 διπλές καμπίνες του Albatros II, φιλοξενούν άνετα μέχρι και 8 άτομα. Ενώ το B-FLY, διαθέτει 3 διπλές καμπίνες φιλοξενίας 6 ατόμων.


Each cabin has its own bathroom.


In the lounge, there is a television to enjoy your favorite show or movie during the cruise.


High speed internet is available 24 hours a day.


An impressive bar awaits you on the deck, where you can drink your coffee, drink or cocktail.

Barbeque meal

At every full-day cruise, you enjoy a fine Greek meal that includes souvlaki with bread, tzatziki, salad, sfela cheese and lalaggi.


And if you are hungry, the Albatros II's kitchen offers cold dishes, toasts, club sandwiches and ice creams.


Swim in the deep blue waters, dive from the boat and discover the magic of the sea.

Sunset cruise

In the afternoon there are daily two-hour excursions along the Messenian coast, enjoying your coffee or your drink.

Night cruises with live music

Kapouleas Cruises organizes at Albatros II live Greek music nights, for many hours of entertainment.

Albatros Coffe Bar

Every afternoon from 19:00 you can enjoy your coffee or cocktail on the Albatros II deck overlooking the sunset.