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Welcome to Kapouleas Cruises website, where you can find all of the offered cruises that take place in the Messinian gulf .

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Dreaming Getaways

The immense natural beauty of Messenia, gives the visitor moments of absolute relaxation and tranquility. While the B-FLY offers the opportunity to the Greek and international audience to see and experience a wonderful sunny region as well as to make cruises that fit your own travel profile and your own tourist requirements.

Kapouleas Cruises

Sailing Experience

The "pirate ship" Albatros II, a seabird, as its name says, performs daily cruises to the Messenian Gulf. Starting from the port of Kalamata and enjoying a magical voyage, we explore the beauties of Messenia like Santova, Kitries, Kardamili, Dolphin beach, Stoupa and Diros Caves. As well as Costa Navarino, Methoni, Koroni, Peroulia beach, Petalidi and Agios Andreas will make your vacation enchanting. The afternoon is held everyday two-hour excursions along the length of messenian coast to enjoy your coffee or your drink

Kapouleas Cruises

Receptions & Events

The boat is also available for all kinds of banquets like weddings, christenings, receptions and various other events. From then on, a brand new world was born with its need of entertainment at sea constantly increasing. That's why our fleet continues to grow to give you the ultimate travel experience. We consider holidays to be important and we do everything to make them unforgettable!

Kapouleas Cruises

What we offer

Η Kapouleas Cruises, διαθέτει στον στόλο της το 200 ατόμων, Ελληνικής κατασκευής ξύλινο καραβόσκαρο Albatros II και το motor yacht B-FLY, χωρητικότητας 23 ατόμων. Είναι πλήρως εξοπλισμένα και θα κάνουν την κρουαζιέρα σας μαγική. Παρέχουν κουζίνα με κρύα πιάτα, τοστ, κλαμπ σάντουιτς, παγωτά, αλλά και ένα εντυπωσιακό μπαρ όπου μπορείτε να πιείτε τον καφέ, το ποτό ή το κοκτέιλ σας.

Daily Cruises

Every day, the Albatros II carries daily and evening cruises to the Messinian gulf and the surrounding areas


Private & V.I.P. Cruises

Πολυήμερες, ημερήσιες και μισής ημέρας. Ιδιωτικές κρουαζιέρες ηλιοβασιλέματος. Ναυλώστε το B-FLY και σαλπάρετε όπου σας ταξιδεύει η φαντασία σας!


Weddings & Receptions

Organize your marriage or baptismal reception at Albatros II. Events, catering and everything else you think about making special the most important moment of your life.


Kapouleas Cruises

Our fleet


Sailing Ships

Το «πειρατικό» Albatros II. Ένα θαλασσοπούλι όπως λέει και το όνομά του, εκτελεί καθημερινές κρουαζιέρες στον Μεσσηνιακό κόλπο. Το motor yacht B-FLY, σας παρέχει ιδιωτικές, εξειδικευμένες θαλάσσιες εκδρομές.


Professional Crew

Τα εξειδικευμένα πληρώματα του Albatros II και του B-FLY, βρίσκονται στην διάθεσή σας για οτιδήποτε κι αν χρειαστείτε.


Sea Excursions

Από την Καλαμάτα μέχρι την Μάνη και την Κορώνη και από την Πύλο και την Βοϊδοκοιλιά, μέχρι τα γύρω νησάκια.

Kapouleas Cruises

Watch our video

Ελάτε μαζί μας και ανακαλύψτε τις φυσικές ομορφιές της Μεσσηνιακής γης, με τα Albatros II & B-FLY.

Kapouleas Cruises

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The cruise of your dreams is just a click away. Make your reservation now and enjoy a unique experience at sea.

Kapouleas Cruises



20.05.2019 - 30.09.2019

Unspoilt natural beauty, beaches and waters that calls you to be left in their arms, stone-built towers and lush nature. Come and enjoy the day cruise at Albatros II for Kardamili - Stoupa.


Koroni-Diros Caves

20.05.2019 - 21.09.2019

The beautiful Koroni of Messinia with the imposing castle, the picturesque narrow streets and the magnificent sea is another gem on the coasts of the Messenian gulf. From there, travel with Albatros II for the Diros Caves.


Stoupa-Diros Caves

20.05.2019 - 30.09.2019

Glyfada (or Vlychada) Diros Cave, is one of the finest caves in the world and is located on the west coast of Laconia Chersonisos, at Diros Breeze. Come and enjoy the day cruise at Albatros II for Stoupa - Diros Caves!



20.05.2019 - 30.09.2019

A scenic seaside settlement with turquoise waters and beautiful sunset, Kitries is one of the most beautiful corners of Messenia. Come and enjoy the day cruise at Albatros II for Kitries - Santova.


Kapouleas Cruises

Activities & Services

  • Cabins
    Οι 4 διπλές καμπίνες του Albatros II, φιλοξενούν άνετα μέχρι και 8 άτομα. Ενώ το B-FLY, διαθέτει 3 διπλές καμπίνες φιλοξενίας 6 ατόμων.
  • Bathrooms
    Each cabin has its own bathroom.
  • TV
    In the lounge, there is a television to enjoy your favorite show or movie during the cruise.
  • Free WiFi
    High speed internet is available 24 hours a day.
  • Bar
    An impressive bar awaits you on the deck, where you can drink your coffee, drink or cocktail.
  • Barbeque meal
    At every full-day cruise, you enjoy a fine Greek meal that includes souvlaki with bread, tzatziki, salad, sfela cheese and lalaggi.
  • Kitchen
    And if you are hungry, the Albatros II's kitchen offers cold dishes, toasts, club sandwiches and ice creams.
  • Swimming
    Swim in the deep blue waters, dive from the boat and discover the magic of the sea.
  • Sunset cruise
    In the afternoon there are daily two-hour excursions along the Messenian coast, enjoying your coffee or your drink.
  • Night cruises with live music
    Kapouleas Cruises organizes at Albatros II live Greek music nights, for many hours of entertainment.
  • Fishing
    Every Friday, we sail in the Messenian gulf to fish with a pole, fishing line or snorkeling.

Kapouleas Cruises

About us

The crew of Albatros II, always welcomes you with a smile and ensures that you have a wonderful and safe cruise.

Kapouleas Cruises

What our guests say

Having a coffee or a drink and seeing the beautiful Messenian bay from another perspective is something unique. The feeling that gives you when the two-hour ride is over is that it's over already! Another good one is the excursion to the beach of Kitries and the caves of Diros. I've been to both, and it was something unprecedented. I recommend it to everyone who will take a break from there to experience a beautiful experience.

odyalex19 - A different experience

We start our day with a long cruise with Albatros II from Kalamata's Port, at 08.00am!! Waiting for the sun to rise behind Mount Kalathion which Kalamata lays on....From Kalamata's Port all the way to Kardamili and Stoupa Beach, Magnificent view of the Messinian Gulf along with nice music fron the crew and an iced coffee on the deck. Very nice boat!! All wooden, my kid was ready to play Jack Sparrow!!! Like the Pirates!! Smooth blue waters and the dolphins were swimming next to us!!!! A stop to Kardamili to get some passengers and back to Kitries beach for a swim. Jumping from the deck into stunning waters and feeling the absolute relax of the Greek sea!!! Later cruise to Stoupa beach, swimming again, light snack with souvlaki and local products!! Back to Kardamili and finally after 9 hours sailing back to Kalamata. Strongly recommended for kids, families and individuals!!!! Hospitality at it's best, we look forward to meet you again !!! Thanks to all smiley crew people!!!

NSTAVROS – Thank you Albatros!!!

Couldn't get enough on our first time and went for another ride a few days later. Amazing views of the sunset at the backgroung of an amazing music selection and excellent service. Enjoyed our drinks during this 2-hour cruise of Kalamata's coastline and would recommend it to anyone who visits the city!!!

NikolasDi – A cruise to remember

Everything was perfect! The boat was comfortable, the staff friendly and the landscapes enchanting. I made the one-day cruise Kalamata-Stoupa. I wasn't expect to spend such a wonderful day. We made dives from the boat, swim in the blue waters and after all these amazing experiences our lunch (BBQ) we ate was that it was supposed to. Also, not forget to mention that I boarded the afternoon cruise that goes to Kitries! I enjoyed my cocktail and gathered Kalamata from a different angle. It was something else. I strongly recommend it!

Fotini T - A nice experience

We went on a day trip to Diros caves and the experience was amazing !!! The boat is comfortable, the staff very friendly and courteous. BBQ is also included, which is included in the price of the ticket. The sailing boat looks pirated and its decor is amazing !!! The experience was excellent so that the next day to get an another amazing cruise to the beautiful Kardamili. Albatros II is a real gem that deserves to visit and travel with it in the most beautiful landscapes of Messenia!!

Antouli – Wonderful excursion!!!